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Empowering Through

Quality Behavioral

Health Services

Our Mission

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To create positive lifestyle changes through affordable and quality behavioral health services.

State certified by the Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS)

MVD Screening,

Education and


DUI Screening,

Education and


Substance Use ,

 Domestic Violence


Anger and






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For over 30 years, Arizona Behavioral Counseling and Education, Inc. has provided top-notch services in Substance Abuse Education and Treatment, Anger Management, and Domestic Violence Treatment.

At ABC, we prioritize your privacy, security, and well-being. Our high-quality Telehealth behavioral care offers convenient access to counseling and support from the comfort of your home. With strict confidentiality protocols in place, our dedicated staff provides extensive assistance, guiding you towards healing and personal growth within a supportive community.

Arizona Behavioral Counseling is currently licensed as a Behavioral Health Service Agency, DUI Service Agency, and Domestic Violence Treatment Agency. We meet and/or exceed all requirements for licensing annually.

For a list of all ADHS licensed providers, click here.

A.B.C. currently provides Spanish speaking services, and will make arrangements on an individual basis for clients speaking other languages.