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Gene is absolutely life changing with validation of everyone’s feelings and the journey that they are taking.

Marnie J. / DV Gene

This is a great program. I hope it helps other people like it has helped me.

Kadeejah W. / L2 - Dee

What I enjoyed most about this class was when we talked about how we can choose to change our environment. We have the choice of changing our mentality, emotions and behaviors. The better we are at coping with situations it will lead us to make better decisions.

Cruz G. / PA Teddi

Great class. Peace, love and prosperity are the three things I will carry with me.

Frank P. / SU - Teddi

I have learned so much that will be with me forever. I’m thankful for this opportunity.

Eric J.M. / DV - Dee

Gene is making an impact on lives he isn’t even directly touching. It is truly an honor to get to be apart of this class and have my big self and small self changed for the better by his compassion and wisdom.

Kimberly S. /  DV Gene

Perfect learning experience given with descriptions that went above and beyond. 

Eric G. /  L2 - Dee

Dee was an amazing counselor and facilitator. She engaged everyone and tried to incorporate thought provoking questions. She really has the knowledge and expertise to help others and I am thankful there are people like her that dedicate her career to helping others 10/10

Stephe N. /  L2 - Dee

I enjoyed class very much! Gene is very supportive & amazing! I loved my 1st Class today!

Maggie K. / DV - Gene

This was by far my favorite class and the detailed info on each stage really helped my overall perspective and approach to stay on the right track.

Jonathan L.  /  SU Teddi

Something I’ve learned about myself since starting this class is a court ordered class can be something I look forward to and not a punishment.

Danny W. /   DV Gene

I actually learn quite a bit from these classes while I’m on the sober path. The education is beneficial.

Tara S. /  SU Teddi

This session has taught me a lot about how my relationship has gone. Over all these classes have made me stronger. I feel much better going into life now.

William W. /  DV Gene

Gene is amazing and I love the class and the way I can open up without feeling bad or less than.

Daniel S. /  DV - Gene

These online classes work better because I've sat through others before where everyone is shy and put on this act. People seem more themselves, can open up easier, participate more.

Robert L. /  PA Gene

They help so much to be able to talk about my problems. I like this class it really has helped a ton.

Joshua B.  / SU Gene

This class and instructor were very open and happy around one another which was cool and different than other classes I've been in.

James R. / SU Basil

Very empowering class. I enjoyed listening to my fellow classmates opening up about their lives and how they overcame issues.

Hermilo G. / DV Gene

The sharing and feedback from Gene is always of value to me each week. I have 3 weeks left. I will miss my counselor.

LaShawn S. / DV Gene

Basil is awesome guys, he is really helping me, good job hiring him!!

Reece M.  / PA Basil

I personally enjoyed Gene as the instructor. He really was positive in his lesson and really got me to engage. 

Abel H. / DV Gene

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