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Arizona Behavioral Counseling

P.O. Box 36158
Phoenix, AZ 85067

We Value

Respect, Professionalism, Ethics, Support Personal Growth, Empowerment

We believe education and treatment provide knowledge, knowledge provides awareness, and awareness provides opportunity for positive life change.

Our Mission:

To create positive lifestyle changes through quality behavioral health services.

Arizona Behavioral Counseling and Education, Inc. offers Substance Abuse Education and Treatment, Anger Management, and Domestic Violence Treatment. We have been offering quality services for over 30 years.

Arizona Behavioral Counseling and Education is an Arizona State Licensed agency specialized in court, MVD or probation ordered assessments, education and out-patient treatment/counseling services for:

DUI • Substance Use • Domestic Violence Offenders
Anger and Conflict Resolution • Misdemeanor Criminal Behaviors

A.B.C. offers a variety of locations and appointment times in Maricopa and Yavapai counties. All locations are coordinated by a central administrative office. Clients have immediate access to all locations by making one phone call. Court staff also have immediate access with the administrative office by phone, fax, mail and e-mail.

Arizona Behavioral Counseling is currently licensed as a Behavioral Health Service Agency, DUI Service Agency, and Domestic Violence Treatment Agency. We meet and/or exceed all requirements for licensing annually.

​A.B.C. currently provides Spanish speaking services, and will make arrangements on an individual basis for clients speaking other languages.

       State certified by the Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS)
MVD Screening, Education and Treatment

DUI Screening, Education and Treatment
     Substance Use, Domestic Violence Offenders

            Anger and Conflict Resolution

        Misdemeanor Criminal Behaviors

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