MVD Revocation Packet Evaluation

  • Fee: $150 (Maricopa County) Yavapai County does not offer this service at this time

Positive Alternatives / Anger Mgmt

  • Fee: $30 per session for 3 hour sessions,       $15 for 1.5 hour sessions                          (Maricopa County & Yavapai County)

Domestic Violence

  • Fee: $25 per session for 1.5 hour sessions (Maricopa County & Yavapai County)

Substance Abuse Treatment and Education

  • Level III Education 8 hour fee: $50-65
  • Level II Education 16 hour fee: $100-160
  • Misdemeanor 18 hour Addictive Substance Use fee: $30-40 per 3 hour session
  • Level I Substance Use Outpatient Treatment fee: $30-40 per 3 hour session

Screenings Assessment

  • Fee: $55-65 (Maricopa County) $90 (Yavapai County)

Services and Programs

Payments can be made in cash, money order or credit/debit card:
Over the phone by calling our administrative office
In person at the location during your scheduled class
In person at the administrative office, or
On line when you log in to your Patient Portal


Out-of-state clients must submit paperwork for approval to enroll. If approved, the fee will consist of the program/service plus a onetime out-of-state fee of $40.00

Service Fees